CV de Judith ASSOULY : conseil et formation en déontologie et conformité financière

J. Assouly Consulting

Rules are more and more numerous and complex. All the last scandals illustrated needs of ethics and compliance in financial activities.

Graduated from ESCP Europe in Paris with a PhD in Sociology from EHESS, I am an Independent Consultant since 2009 and an expert in both highest European and International up-to-date regulation standards. I am also an affiliated Professor at ESCP Europe -- Paris Business School and an Associate Professor at Sciences Po Paris. I have been Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS certification in 2016).

I offer advisory and training in financial ethics and compliance to international banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, private equity, financial advisors, asset management firms and market regulators.


Reviewing internal procedures and compliance framework and monitoring.

Implementation of a compliance department and tasks.

Anti money laundering organizations

Risks assessments

Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines


Leading training sessions on the following topics:

  • Financial ethics
  • Financial compliance
  • Anti money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Investment advice
  • Market abuse
  • Insurance rules

My training sessions are very lively and propose case studies and workshops in order to help attendees to have a practical knowledge.

In 2013 : Publishing of Morale ou finance ?

Couverture de "morale ou finance"

Based upon an extensive professional experience and many interviews and observations, this book had been published in 2013.

Why regulations in finance couldn't prevent all the last scandals and crisis which lead to a huge ethical criticism of finance?

How are the rules used by most of professionals who are fighting to protect and safeguard their activities?

Monitoring of finance belongs to finance itself...


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