CV de Judith ASSOULY : conseil et formation en déontologie et conformité financière

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Article on the Kerviel case written with Damien de Blic

Article on the Law on the Separation and Regulation of Banking Activities of 2013

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Technical Skills

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Technical Skills


For all local or international private, retail or invesment banks activities, asset management business, private equity funds, listed companies, insurance, or brokers.

Know Your Client

  • Bank accounts opening guidance
  • Compliance as a quality indicator of your clients relationships
  • Specific guidance on money laundering


  • Conducting a compliance review
  • Enhancing skills of your compliance teams
  • Designing a compliance risk assessment
  • Implementing procedures and monitoring


  • Training staff on compliance issues
  • Specific sessions on anti money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Markets and securities regulation
  • Ethical standards


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  • Telephone: +33 (0)6 43 84 92 26